Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Perfect Pitch - Biz Idea In 140 Characters

The business idea competition on Twitter hosted by @perfectbusiness completed. I covered this in an earlier post about what to do with your startup ideas.

Thousands of idea was Twitted in the short period of time, many of which are extraordinarily bright ideas. The final winner was indeed an excellent one, quoted here:
@perfectbusiness #micropitch Power from water: turbines safe for fish, drop-in w/no dams, 1M+ sites, helps 1B+ people

My idea 28 on mobile route sharing and smart calpooling was featured in the top 10 runner up. The full list is here.

Thank you @perfectbusiness! This gives me enough confidence to pursue the idea further and continue this blog with even better ideas.

image credit Sir Richard Branson & PerfectBusiness