Thursday, August 13, 2009

Idea 38: 3D Virtual Shopping - When SecondLife Meets Zappos

Online shopping can get boring at times. Not any more, when you can visually tour the store in a 3D environment, ask a representative questions, and even shop together with your friends, not just messaging them, but you actually see your friends' avatar and your own together on the screen. Have you lived a secondlife?

That's the idea. The future of online shopping will replace the flat, static product catalogues with a full experience.

1. Interactive. You may compare different products as their 3D models are displayed side by side in the virtual shelf, just as they would in a real store. Hover your mouse over, and it will fly over with more details; hover your mouse over the lady, and a message box pops up where you can ask a question.

2. Social. Imagine your friends and you sharing the exact same screen over the internet. Point your mouse over a product, and your friends see them as well. Type a message, you can discuss opinions in real time.

3. Fit. Your 3D avatar has all your sizes, hair style and skin color. Try on a shirt and you'll see how it fits on your body. Best of all, no need to figure out what sizes to choose. (from an earlier idea.)

4. Fun. Music is played, chat exchanged, opinions shared. Even if nothing is bought, it's kind of fun.

At least my wife likes this kind of online shopping experience, although I have to admit, sometimes I still prefer the cold, hard google search box. How about you?

photo credit secondlife


  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I have always has problems with shopping online.Especially if it has to do with cloths, shoes, and even music as you rightly pointed out.What if the product is shipped and there is something about it that just don't fit.Virtual shopping experience will be great.But if it fits on the virtual human, how do you know it will fit when you receive it.

  2. Good point. I once had a pair of Nike shoes and it happened to fit. From then on, I always choose the same size, and it never surprised me. So I guess a couple trials with a reliable brand will get it going. Thanks.