Saturday, December 20, 2008

Idea #14 - Virtual 3D fitting and tailored apparels

Imagine trying on new clothes online with a 3D model tailored for you!

Upload your measurements, height, weight, hair color/style, skin, body shape, whatever. Now you have a virtual 3D avatar model built with exactly your size and shape.

Pick a shirt, a click of button later, you will see the 3D effect of the shirt on your avatar. Scroll your mouse, different lighting conditions are created for your visual examination of the shirt, under different angles.

Impressed and want to make a purchase ? The perfect size is automatically picked according to your size and shape, never again be confused by the obscure labels. Even better, no need to worry about not able to find your size out of stock, because it never will, in the online world. Even it does not have the size at the moment, a custom tailored order can be issued just for you.

The technology is here. We just need to find a business case and make it happen.

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