Monday, July 27, 2009

Idea #26 Twitter Automated Polling By @Replies

A phenomenal amount of online activities and user opinions are being expressed in Twitter.

4 startups that facilitate polling opinions on the Twitterspere, plus Twtpoll. Well, not quite satisfying. Users have to be redirected to a separate website.

How nice would it be if I can directly "tweet" my answers and it gets automatically captured ? Here's an idea to do that.

Ask your question by a reply to @_poll_ with hash tag describing the name of the poll, and "Q" indicating this is a question. Example: "@_poll_ #abortion Q: should be legalized yes or no ?"

Answer your question by a reply to @_poll_ with hash tag as poll name, and "yes" or "no" indicating your answer, with a possibly briefly extended description. Example: "@_poll_ #abortion Yes support legalized abortion".

The answers will be automatically captured by software through Twitter API and populated to database for analysis. Quite simple, eh ?

Let me know if this would be useful.

photo credit Neil Wykes

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