Monday, November 14, 2005

Television with no schedules - future is coming

Throw away your TV Guides! You'll be able to watch whatever program, any time, any where, any way you would want to! Thanks to break through media technologies, mobile devices (iPod), and most importantly, bandwidth!

TV networks, distributors, technology enablers, no one wants to be left behind. AOL and Warner have certainly stepped up to bring old TV shows online, with small fine print: ads will be inserted into the programming. With 35 million U.S. homes now have broadband access, compared to 110 million homes with TV, this is no doubt a huge market yet to be explored. As all these initiatives unveil, they will again justify my earlier point about bandwidth shortage and new wave of expansion!

Do not say that there is nothing you can do in this. Change always represents opportunity! New ways of doing things means new players. Checkout this hot/cool site with online-TV+P2P+Ajax+RSS+Tagging! What else about Web 2.0 can you think of?

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