Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Completely personalized media - my ideal world

Continuing the thought on Television with no schedule, here is an ideal world I would like to live in, where instead of tuning in existing broadcasts, I have the complete freedom of choosing what media to consume:
  • In the morning commute to work, I would like to listen to my favorite news of the day, MSNBC, PBS, CNN, whether in real time or previous recorded, as long as it's timely updated. I'd also like to listen to my subscribed talk shows of the day, e. g. Cramer's RealMoney, and other podcasts that interest me.
  • In the evening after dinner, I would like to turn on my HDTV and watch my favorite TV shows, e. g. Apprentice, in my own schedule, again regardless of it being recorded or real time. Similarly in the weekends, I would like to pick a movie from my subscribed list, directly delivered to my living room, through broadband, instead of me going to the store or checking the mail inbox.
All I need to do is to visit my web-based configuration center, through secured protected channel, and subscribe all the media-feeds that interest me. This is a dream for now, but it will come true in foreseeable future! The enabling technology will be single-/multi-cast media versus broadcast, which includes both radio for voice and cable network for video. At this point, you can guess what is the technology I'm talking about. P2P is here to stay!

Note: reference Paul Allen's interesting viewpoint on the future of media delivery.

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