Friday, December 02, 2005

Idea #5 - Discovering the Long Tail

I finally understood the concept of long tail, one of the foundamental concepts for internet commerce. In a nutshell, 99% of all the contents ever availble to man kind, has it's audience and readership. Internet provides the platform that enables the commerce of such contents, which traditional channels have never been able to do.

I make mistakes; I learn from them. I make detours; I discover shorter cuts as an afterfact. I would have appreciated advice that could have avoided my mistakes and detours. In essence, every piece of learned experience has its value and thus a market for it, no matter how small it might be. This could be mistake-avoiding experiences, as mentioned, or entertainment experiences (music & video), spiritual enlightening experiences (books), money saving experiences (travel packages & online deals), .... on and on.

There has been some form of market place for such experiences, but only recently has the internet started to really expore their long tail. Google Base, Yahoo Travel,,, are different flavors you may find today. What about tommorrow?

Market place for user experiences - making life more enjoyable and efficient!

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