Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Idea #32 Wireless Identity - Know Who Are Around You

Ever in a conference or social event, and don't know who to talk to?

What if when you point your iPhone to the people around you, you see their Twitter timeline?

That's the idea.

You can already exchange business cards through iPhone.

The new application will allow you to configure your wireless identity and constantly broadcast in short range, through bluetooth.

You can even program automatic matching, that is, whenever your profile "matches" with your specified "target", contact information is automatically exchanged, and you get a signal to find that person physically. Kind of like speed dating on robots!

Some would concern about security, identity theft, and blah. Well, with people broadcasting what they eat each and every day, that is only for people who're not using Twitter.

Let's social.

Update: thanks to Sandeep Das for pointing out, Loopt already provides such a service in its latest Mix feature.

photo credit Themis was here