Saturday, August 01, 2009

Idea #30 Open Source Peer-to-Peer Education

Education, I still believe, is the key to freedom, spiritually and financially.

Enable education at every corner of the earth is one of the most effective approaches to making the world a better place.

MIT is opening up its intellectuals to the world through the popular MIT open course.

We can do more, and we should.

Everyone has something important to say; everyone is a teacher in some way. As Seth Godin rightly pointed out in his book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, any individual can lead a tribe and enable change in an unconventional way. provides a platform that enables anyone, passionate about any subject, to lead a tribe.

We can and should enable everyone to become a teacher, a good teacher.

Here's an idea.

Provide an open platform where anyone can develop a curriculum on any subject, technical, political, literature, or recreation. Anyone can contribute further on the curriculum to improve its quality, whether it's uploading course materials, exercises, references, or providing a video.

From the database of curriculum, anyone can teach a course; anyone can take a course, virtually, from anywhere in the world, even in the remote villages in India and China, as long as wireless access is available.

Yes, I'm aware of unclasses, a good initiative, yet we need more curriculum, wider accesses, broader coverage.

Educate the mind; free the soul.

photo credit slideshow_nyc