Thursday, January 08, 2009

Idea #15 - NetBook, machine with a web browser, that's it

Increasingly, applications are ported to the web, email, office tools, games, music players, photo album and calenders. With a web browser and access to VPN (virtual private network), I don't need much fancy application software, and in fact, I'm more and more annoyed by the elongated boot-up time and shut-down time, and the pop-up message that reminds me to upgrade my software.

What I want is a machine with a web browser and nothing else.

It should be even simpler than the Microsoft-free PC proposed by IBM. It should not have an OS, or at least a very simple one that is not vulnerable to malicious attacks. It should boot up and shut down in an instant, just like cellphones. If needed, I can hook it up to my LCD monitor for better viewing pleasure.

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