Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Network Computers finally arrive!

NC, a thin-client computer with all applications accessed online, provided by free or rental-based software service providers, a concept emerged long ago, is finally coming to reality!

Google hinted cooperation with Sun on OpenOffice tools, followed by Microsoft announcing Windows Live, none outlining detailed plans for the future technology. However, both are aiming at the enormous market of online software service model, officially named ondemand licensing model, for consumers and corporations alike.

This will have tremendous implication for software vendors. The software-online-subscription model will rule, as the web-based platform matures (Ajax for instance), and the almost infinite bandwidth and storage capacity. This has been so far pioneered by the CRM industry, such as Salesforce.com Inc., NetSuite Inc. and RightNow Technologies Inc. More will follow, possibly EDA (Electronic Design Automation) as well?

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