Friday, November 11, 2005

Bandwidth expansion - second bubble coming

There will soon be another franzy of network infrastructure expansion, just like the one happened 7 years ago, only bigger and with larger impacts.

We have once again become a bandwidth deprived society, with 1.5M bps download speed no longer sufficient for a household, given the dramatic increase of online contents, especially media-rich contents. Apple just sold over 1 million video clips through iTune, and guess what, video contents are only going to get longer and larger scale, regardless of the neverending copyright debates. This is a constant drive for larger bandwidth and network capacity.

Internet is becoming ubiquitous. Online anywhere anytime is no longer a dream, at least someone is actually making it happen. After plans to cover the entire San Francisco city with WiFi, Google anounced the same WiFi plan for Mountain View. Pretty soon, the entire bayarea will be wirelessly enabled, whether the WiMax guys start working or not. When this happens, I don't think the Metro network will be able to handle the traffic as it stands now. As an domino effect, another round of buildup for optical metro and long-hual infrastructure will unveil itself, which the first internet bubble had anticipated but never saw it coming.

What can you do now? Go home buy optical stocks!

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