Sunday, October 30, 2005

Advertisements to be made more useful by better targeting

Ads, especially TV ads, has been expected to be untargeted, attracting general public, repetitive, annoying, things most of the time to be skipped. Original ads once a while appear on TV from big brand, but how much of that money spent actually turns into real transaction?

Google(TM) started to change the world of ads, at least from online perspective, to make it more useful for consumers. Think about it, the right information at the right time, for the right audience is like help from God. Who would turn away from and skip it? The ambition was outlined in Eric Schmidt's conversation. (Also see Dave Taylor's guide on how to use AdSense.)

As the media and publishing industry moves more and more into digital world, and as original contents, such as weblogs, tagged photos and news, continues to thrive, the advertising is destined to take a new look. The opportunities are so huge, it's definite hard to Google alone to digest!

Original content creators should be rewarded with shares of the advertisement, just like the Google AdSense (TM) model. The portals can no longer take all the ads profits and leave the content creator alone. Examples:

  •, basically flickr (TM) for videos. This is American Funniest Video (AFV) on internet, with infinite accessibility, fair review and reward for everyone!
  •, software to make it easier to place ads in blogs and connect to advertisers. Every blogger can become a ads-enabled publisher and collect income from their original content!

I can see that Internet is moving beyond traditional media and leaving them in the mist!

(A quick note: I just realized there are at least eight other websites offering similar video blogging services. See TechCrunch blog for more details.)

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