Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Idea 49: Live Web Interactions With Video Chat

The popularity of Chatroulette shows that plenty of people on the Internet are eager and ready for live video interactions with another stranger. Why not? People are social animals.

Emerging technologies not only provide platforms for massive live video interactions right in your web browser, like Tinychat, but also providing API's that enable web developers to easily embed video chat boxes into every page of your website, like Tokbox.

These technologies will, along with upcoming HTML 5, open up a new world of rich, interactive, multimedia web, where the possibilities of applications are only confined by your imagination. For example, dibake.com is a new web service that enables live video debate, along with a dichotomy of user opinions, on any given subject, from political to scientific. Or, go see a psychiatrist with a virtual therapy session online at Pretty Padded Room

Well, not to mention the most important face-to-face interactions: education. This opens the door to a potentially disruptive force to change the way education is done.