Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Idea 42: Relationship Analyzer - How Close Are You And Your Friends

How many friends do you have? Do you talk to them, or rather Twit? You may not realize, that the person you talk the most, share the most, connect the most may not be the one who you think is.

Have an algorithm to analyze your daily communication streams, Tweets, SMS, phone calls, emails, and then calculates, for each of your contacts, their degree of closeness from you.

Why is this useful? For a number of reasons, at least.

To set your priorities. What you want to achieve versus what you are actually doing. Have you called your mother lately? Call your mother right away.

To know yourself better. What is your biggest dream and untapped potential? If you're still unclear, the daily rumbling of yours might give some hint.

To discover friendship, and well other relationships. Who do you reweet the most? Who do you share the most tweet words, tweet links? If you chose to share the meta-data extracted from your streams, that may help the matching algorithm to suggest you some interesting fellows. (like an earlier idea here)

There might as well be other reasons that this can be useful. If you have one, do let me know.

photo credit loungerie

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