Saturday, August 15, 2009

Idea 39: Auto Page-Flip Music Reader - Kindle For Music?

A keyboard player would tell you that she has to get used to flipping the music sheet while playing. That can be annoying at times when the melody enters fast pace. How to flip the page automatically?

Here's an idea. Use a large screen electronic reader just like the Kindle DX.

A Bluetooth enabled foot paddle is wirelessly connected to the reader. Merely stepping on it would signal the reader to turn to the next page.

What would make it really interesting, is to have a music recognition software, which listens to the piano, or whatever instrument, as you play it. The reader would highlight the music note that is currently being played, and when it reaches the bottom of the page, guess what, it turns to the next page. :)

That would make music playing much more fun, wouldn't it? Further more, it would have tremendous value for educating young players.

Music cultivates soul and inspires ideas. Let's make music playing more enjoyable.

photo credit linh.ngan