Friday, August 07, 2009

Idea 34: You Have A Friend In The Bed And Breakfast Business

Travel has always been a good business. Not to mention the host of online reservation sites, the more recent innovative services that brings social network into travel planning was pretty cool, such as mobissimo.

When travelling abroad, I like to stay at bed and breakfasts. My experiences with them have been nothing but wonderful. However finding a good B&B takes tremendous time. Why can't we have a full service B&B travel agency that plans the whole trip with the cost and quality that you know you can trust?

The idea is to develop an exclusive location-based travel planning that includes B&B lodging, local transportation and air ticketing. Let me call it B&B and Beyond.

B&B and Beyond will start with China, since we know where to visit and stay, how to get around, and the best deal to travel there. Want to visit China, for business or pleasure? Come to B&B&B China. Since you are our friend, we will treat you as so, let you stay at our house, drive our cars, and eat at our favorite local restaurants.

In fact, in order to become friends, we need to make sure we like each other. That's why we encourage you to send us an introduction, a photo of yourself, let us check out your personal website or Twitter stream. If we really like you, we may even do a face-to-face chat with you to find out more about you. That's right, because the service is so good, it is exclusive to our extended friends only.

B&B and Beyond will expand the friendship network through word of mouth and extremely welcoming family-style service, and eventually cover every major travel destination of the world.

photo credit Torley