Friday, July 24, 2009

Idea #24 iPhone For Personal Weight Tracing And Diet Optimization

Information is exploding. We never cease to increase the rate at which we produce and consume information. That is going to continue, and it is going to get more and more personal, with the help of ever pervasive wireless connection and devices such as iPhone.

iPhone can help us conveniently collect all kinds of personal information, upload it online for analysis. Why? optimize our lifestyle. (talking about lifestyle design) Here is one idea for personal weight tracing and diet optimization. It has three components:
  • Bluetooth enabled scale that sends weight information wirelessly to iPhone whenever you step on it.
  • iPhone app to receive and record this information daily.
  • Online database and application to synchronize with iPhone, analyze the data over a period of time, compare the results with standard research results (or even with your friends). Finally, it makes recommendations for your diet depending whether you want to gain or lose weight.
I think this system will be a popular one, as people are becoming more concious about personal health and life style. When Nike unveiled their running monitoring system Nike+, a joint product with Apple, which allows runners to track their running distances and time, Nike did not expect it would reach 1.2 million runners so quickly. No one did, as was covered in Wired. As technology develops, we will think of creative ways to produce and consume information.

Please voice your opinion using the comment form below, whether this personal weight tracing and diet optimization iPhone app will fly or not. Go iPhone.

Update: the FlowingData project makes it ever easier to track your personal behaviors and decisions through your Twitter stream.

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