Sunday, November 20, 2005

Towards personalized media - Web TV

We are in fact moving along quite well towards my ideal world of personalized media. Microsoft offer Web TV, although not very successful at the moment, is certainly one step in this direction. Woundn't it be super nice if you can get the following from the MSN service ($199.95 for a setop box, $9.95/month for subscription. Refer to Budda's review.) ?
  • Access to the latest and most popular Google Video from the Web TV
  • Access to Apple iTunes or RealNetwork Rhapsody or Yahoo Music
  • Access to my Audible book and magazine subscriptions, and the Cramer's RealMoney show
  • Ability to stream the above media to my mobile device (iPod or others) anywhere I go
Although there are business model issues preventing all above from happening just for now, this media revolution is for sure coming, in one way or another!

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