Thursday, November 10, 2005

Online music search - smart search

In this information explosive era, all we want is to find the object of our interests, media, data, people, you name it, and whoever excells at achieving this goal will have a lot of money to make. For music, Pandora seems to do it right.

Its mission: To help you discover new music you'll love. If you just give it the name of your favorite songs or artist, it will explore the world of all analyzed music and create an online station, with supprisingly good quality, which will broadcast not only the songs of your choice, but also the ones with interesting musical similarities to your choice. Instead of you going all over sampling music of different types, it does it for you, with amazingly good quality.

After putting in my favorite artist, Bon Jovi, it immediately pops up their recent album, and after the first song, it recommended Brian Adams, which, to my surprise, I really like!

Lesson: search is no longer about text and tags, but is going deeper and deeper into rich medias like audio, images, and video. The ability to analyze and understand these rich medias will dramatically enhance the intelligence of computing, and thus the intelligence of the global network.

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