Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Google Base powerful - yet could be enhanced

Google Base is officially live. The search capability is powerful, especially the refined search by categorization. (You may call these small tags.) All items are featured in different categories, for instance location, brand, color, year, price, etc. Thus when 1000 items come up from your search, you can easily cruise through the result by setting different values in those categories. In comparison, Craigslist is way too primitive.

Popular products are singled out for more targeted search. Automobile, for instance, can be searched futher by make, model, year, condition. I would not be happy if I were Meg Whitman.

Here's my wish list that I'd like to see on Google Base in the near future:
  1. Prioritize search results not just based on relavence (since this could be misleading), but also based on porpularity, based on the number of link-backs, votes, reviews, comments, you name it. This would reward and promote good-quality content providers, and suppress spammers.
  2. Suggest highly related key words other than the one provided by user, which may have better porpularity or wider search results (similar to Amazon recommendations). Some one searching for lamb recipes probably wouldn't mind taking a look at results for ribs.
  3. Encourage item submitters by providing online stores (similar to Ebay store), and incentivize good quality content providers by giving them AdSense opportunities as extra income.
  4. Enable online commerce by providing on-the-spot transacction platform, which I believe is already in the making.

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